10th International
Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar

August 17-21, 2014, Kórnik-Poznań, Poland

Stress Recognition
Triggers Plant Adaptation

Institute of Dendrology
Polish Academy of Sciences
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Faculty of Biology
Adam Mickiewicz University

Final programme


Plenary session titles: Chaired by
1 Adaptations to freezing temperatures Karen K. TANINO and Przemysław WOJTASZEK
2 Physiological and molecular aspects of freezing tolerance Rajeev ARORA and Stanisław KARPIŃSKI
3 Genetic aspects of resistance to low temperatures Matsuo UEMURA and Andrzej JERZMANOWSKI
4 Biophysical aspects of freezing Masaya ISHIKAWA and Gilbert NEUNER
5 Climate change and radiation frosts Fulai LIU and Edward ŻURAWICZ
6 Cryopreservation and survival in frozen state Jan J. RYBCZYŃSKI
Plenary lecture will be hold by Session Plenary lecture titles
Karen K. TANINO Canada 1 Linking structure to function: cellular cold adaptation mechanisms
Seizo FUJIKAWA Japan 1 Adaptational Processes of Plant Cells to Freezing Stresses
Matsuo UEMURA Japan 1 In planta monitoring of the regulation of cold-responsive genes under various temperatures and photoperiods
Rajeev ARORA USA 2 Physiological studies of recovery from freeze-thaw injury
Stanisław KARPIŃSKI Poland 2 Regulatory role of photosynthesis and non-photochemical quenching in plant acclimation to chilling or freezing temperatures and high light stress
Dirk K. HINCHA Germany 3 The molecular basis of natural genetic variation in the freezing tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana
Andrzej JERZMANOWSKI Poland 3 Chromatin, epigenetics and plant adaptation to stress
Gilbert NEUNER Austria 4 Freezing avoidance and ice barriers in plants
Masaya ISHIKAWA Japan 4 Ice nucleation activity in plant tissues: characterization and identification of responsible compounds
Fulai LIU China/Denmark 5 Warm winter reduces tolerance of winter wheat to late spring freeze stress – a case study in Eastern China
Jan J.RYBCZYŃSKI Poland 6 Up and down regulated proteins of Gentiana cruciata embryogenic cell suspension in adaptation to high concentrations of sucrose in cryoprocedure